The most rewarding aspect of photography for me, is creating images from mundane subject matter. A friend once told me I shoot the invisible. Color is obviously an important element in my photographs. I am drawn to taking simple iconic images often with bright colors. The experimentation and research from my personal work is invaluable for my Commercial work. I find my personal work and commercial work feed off each other, both have their challenges.

Biographical Summary

Philip Holt is an award-winning commercial photographer based in New York, with an international presence. Born in Lisbon, Portugal to a French mother and British father, he was raised in Milan and educated in London, Paris and Milan. Fluent in English, French and Italian, he is also proficient in Spanish and Portuguese.Following in the footsteps of his grandfather – a portrait photographer in Paris – Philip picked up his first camera at age 15, studied Fine Art Photography at Mallinsons on the Isle of White, UK, and went on to graduate from New England School of Photography in Boston, Mass.His distinctive still-life style has been featured in industry acclaimed advertising campaigns for Absolut and Smirnoff Vodka, MasterCard, Canon Cameras, Sony and Renault Automobile. His portrait work ranges from documenting New York taxi drivers to influential international personalities. Philip’s work has earned him numerous awards on both sides of the Atlantic. He has been featured in Lurzer’s Archive ‘ 200 Best Advertising Photographers ’ .Philip demonstrates a unique ability to create compelling images from mundane subject matter. His use of strong, bold colors as a backdrop for simple, iconic images has become something of a hallmark. His recent work, Wired, exemplifies his talent for turning everyday objects into works of art.

Philip Holt Photography

Philip Holt is an award-winning commercial photographer based in New York, with an international presence.portraits,events,westchester real-estate photography
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